From the series: The Space in Between 

Using her photographs as journal entries, Alexis draws from the feeling of growing up, and finding home in other people through a sense of belonging or warmth. Clinging to fleeting moments, this work investigates the ideas of home as a feeling and home as an object. Each piece in the series cues one to slow down and examine the space in between one soul and another. Collectively, this series gives insight into letting go, moving on, and the impact distance can have on the relationships we hold dear.

Exhibited at: Beyond the Frame - The Light Factory, Charlotte, NC, 2018


The pieces “What is home?” and Tiny Houses were created through participation of close friends. I began by mailing each person instructions asking them to mail back a handwritten note recording what comes to mind when thinking of the word “home” and to include objects that remind them of me or how we met. Once I received their envelopes, the collected notes were assembled onto a handmade frame and their objects were cast into resin. All of the collected material is enclosed in a recognizable house shape, and represent a connection between myself and these people as well as their connection to home.

What is home?, 2018

What is home?, 2018

Tiny Houses, 2018

Tiny Houses, 2018



Nana and Poppy (Summer of ‘82) , 2017

Nana and Poppy (Summer of ‘82), 2017

Did you make it back?,  2017

Did you make it back?, 2017


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